Busy Trail

Reading Time: 14 minutes I started my hike from the large parking lot next to the casino in Salamanca. The air was cool, clouds hung low, and fog wrapped around the hills. The trail led west away from the casino through a power line right-of-way. I picked my way around many wet and muddy areas before finally arriving at Breed Run Road.

After reaching Breed Run Road I followed the road to an unnamed dirt road where I met four Seneca Nation youths. Their leader, Cory, told me about the trail ahead. The trail took me up over the hill and then down to Hatchery Road. Hatchery Road curled around a pond and beaver lodge before leading me out to ASP 2.

I followed ASP 2 to Bay State Road and then onto FLT Map M1, the last map I needed to complete. I climbed up over a hill and down to Beck Hollow Lean-to. After cleaning up the lean-to area I continued on and encountered a pair of couples from Ontario. A short time later I meet a trio of women.

Upon reaching my turn around I headed back to the lean-to for lunch. I met the three women at the lean-to, also eating lunch. They continued on, but I caught up to them once again near Bay State Road. From Bay State Road, I made my way back up ASP 2 to Hatchery Road and up a steep climb over the hill.

I came back down the hill, past the area where I had met Cory and his friends, and back to Breed Run Road. Just after leaving the road I snapped a picture of a Monarch butterfly on a stalk of goldenrod. I continued on back to the power line right-of-way. Once again I picked my way past many wet and muddy spots and finally arrived back the casino parking lot.

The Last Hike Before The Last Hike

Reading Time: 10 minutes I began my last pre-dawn hiking start in the quiet darkness of early morning. Just before 4:30 AM I left my house for the long drive to Allegany State Park. By the time I arrived at the trailhead the sun was up and shining through the trees.

The first part of my hike took me a short distance west to Coon Run Road. A short distance before reaching the road I arrived at a well-made footbridge over the stream. I took several pictures of the stream and then made my way to the dirt road before heading back.

The second part of my hike headed east and took me up Mount Oneida. I passed by an old dilapidated lean-to and discovered its new replacement a short distance beyond. The trail continued on through the forest and came to an old grassy logging skid. After walking down the old road I crossed ASP 1 and continued on up to the blue trail junction and my turn around.

I reached the turn around and continued back. The weather was warm and wonderful smells of early fall wafted through the air. Soon I was back at the new lean-to. After a short break I continued on and encountered another hiker travelling the same direction as I. We walked and chatted and met another hiker heading the opposite direction. He intended to camp at the lean-to.

We descended down from the top of Mount Oneida and encountered a trio of hikers also planning to camp at the lean-to. After arriving back at my car I headed back to the cabins in the Quaker area of Allegany State Park to explore where I planned to stay for the final hike.